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Vertigo by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

One of Corbett’s signature pieces is reintroduced in new finishes. The Vertigo collection is an intertwining collage of circular handcrafted rings fused together to create a contemporary collection with a truly inspired concept. The collection is now available in hand-applied gold leaf both inside and out.
Pulse by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Pulse’s entirely handcrafted and folded iron mesh screens fit together, creating a suspended element in fluid motion. The effect is a sculptural “ruffled” fixture – delicate yet substantial. At the heart of Pulse’s unique design are its clever light sources, casting a warm and radiant glow throughout the perforated layers.
Motif by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Fashion-forward Motif is exquisite jewelry hand-crafted for the home, with its appearance of a stylish earring turned on its side to allow light through.
Helios by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Aptly named for the Greek god of the sun, Helios is an intricate work of art meant to be flush mounted to either ceiling or wall. The majestic size ranging from 27” to 49” across enhances the sprawling sun-like fixture's appeal as a true statement piece.
Anello by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Anello recreates the traditional style Venetian chandelier, morphing it into an awe-inspiring centerpiece. Handcrafted, Venetian glass is spotlighted by essentially removing the typical heavy framework associated with this type of piece. The Anello is offered in several pendant sizes, as well as a single-light sconce.
Manhattan by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

The Manhattan pendant is made up of staggered glass tubes in different variations and sizes held in place by satin silver leaf rings. These smooth, fluted and twisted glass tubes create an elegant play of clear and frosted textures. Corbett’s LED light engines are dimmable, allowing Manhattan to create the perfect ambiance for any mood.
Cielo by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Cielo’s modernized form features floating glass arms extending from a simple silver leaf ring which brings balance and structure to the fixture. The curvy arms are handmade by using piastra glass embedded and infused with 24K gold. The fixture is suspended by micro-aircraft cables from a decorative Italian piastra glass canopy ring.
Mystique by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Mystique combines ’70s brutalist metalwork with stunning triedi crystal. The crystal is arranged in staggered lengths for an icicle effect, while the handmade frame is made of pieces of square and rectangular tubing in different sizes, intricately capped at the top and bottom and finished in a textured modern silver leaf.
Socialite by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Socialite is a sconce that packs personality. Inspired by a vintage Piaget watch, the handcrafted iron sconce features concentric ellipses finished in bright and uniquely textured gold leaf. A gleaming pane of custom-made opal white glass rests inside the innermost ellipse, concealing the dimmable LED light source.
Serenity by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Serenity combines natural peace with modern LED technology. The tiered design begins with a simple frame in gold leaf. Angular, flat bar spokes taper out, ending in half-barrel terminations. Suspended from these via small stepped discs and chains are pale alabaster stone elements, which help diffuse warm illumination.
Sweet Talk by Corbett Lighting

Sweet Talk

Corbett Lighting

Sweet Talk is a wall sconce featuring interlocking braided rings and smooth chain links. Wrought from handcrafted iron and finished in silver leaf with gold leaf accents, the rectangular, curved sconce is framed by a braided perimeter. Beneath its well-adorned frame is a shimmering natural mother of pearl diffuser.
Charisma by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Charisma is a bold statement piece with style and personality. Charisma’s clear triedi crystal forms are arranged in a circular, tiered formation, resulting in a retro design with a new and fresh feel. The crystal is complemented by iron extrusions made and capped in gold leaf while a stainless steel frame sparkles from the inside.
Voilà  by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Voilà is an attention-getting LED sconce with a dazzling appearance. Pieces of handmade clear Venetian glass are arranged by height and held in place by a handcrafted iron frame. The glass is offered in two finishes: gold leaf with gold flecks embedded into the glass and silver leaf with silver flecks embedded into clear glass.
Blur by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Blur is an elegant interplay of mixed materials. Rock crystal and clear optical discs, along with opaque iron discs finished in modern silver leaf, create a beautiful sconce configuration enhanced by the warm glow of a dimmable LED light mounted to the diamond-shaped stainless steel backplate.
Ambrosia by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Inspired by the mythical food of the gods, Ambrosia is a sweet treat for the eyes. The light has round discs stamped with texture and finished in gold and silver leaf that mix with sparkling clear crystal discs, which rain down in a cascading formation from its tiered frame.
Alibi by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Alibi is a flirtatious sconce that instantly draws the eye with a sparkling block of clear, hand-pressed Venetian glass. The design is complemented by a handcrafted iron frame finished in gold leaf, a candelabra light source and stainless backplate. Beneath the block are two vertical rows of Italian glass tears and an Italian glass cube.
Tiara by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Tiara is a sumptuous chandelier that pairs classic elements with a unique diamond-patterned frame. The beautifully designed outer frame is finished in bronze leaf, while the inner frame is an arched, flat bar stainless structure which reflects the light.
Altitude by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Altitude reaches new heights with its original Sputnik design and exceptional use of unique materials. With a frame handcrafted from iron and finished in modern silver leaf, Altitude features radiating arms of bone china in a matte bisque finish.
Pulse by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Pulse combines several different folded elements that fit together like a puzzle, creating handcrafted iron “ruffles.” The dynamic and illuminated sculpture is topped in a rich gold leaf, offset by a stainless stem.
Merlin by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

The Merlin wall sconce showcases a cup of beautifully molded, handmade Venetian glass at the top of a tapered, handcrafted iron wand, affixed to a stainless backplate. The one-light sconce is offered in two sizes and two finishes: gold leaf with glass containing amber and 24K gold and silver leaf with clear glass that has silver melted into it.
Calligraphy by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Calligraphy evokes swirling cursive flowing across the page. At its core are two LED light engines surrounded by floating bands held in place by thin lines. The swirling fixture is made from handcrafted iron finished in modern silver leaf and suspended by aircraft cable from a stainless steel canopy. Available in four pendants and a wall sconce.
Chill by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Chill contains hand-formed glass spears and custom diffusers with an icy texture that fans from a polished stainless steel center finished in silver leaf. Chill is a spectacular design for low ceilings because of its adjustable stem suspension. Available as a pendant and two sconce styles.
Chime by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Chime is a dazzling design that fits in many different decors. Patterned, tubular glass icicles are arranged into two rows and nested into place in perfect symmetry, surrounded by a textured band of hand-crafted iron and stainless steel silver leaf. With polished stainless accents, Chime is available in three pendant sizes and a wall sconce.
Element by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Element bears a resemblance to the childhood game Jacks and is hand-crafted from iron and finished in Vienna bronze. The smoked and plated glass globes mix with white, inside frosted glass Element is suspended by multiple aircraft cables and is compatible with LEDs. Available as pendants, an island, semi-flush and ADA wall sconce.

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