Muffin Melody


Muffin Melody by ArtStar

Muffin Melody

Gary Andrew Clarke is a digital artist and painter. He lives in Manchester, England.
The central preoccupation of his work is one of creating simple flirtatious encounters between geometric shapes and beautiful intense flat fields of colour. They are often visual puns that might perhaps be elegant solutions to non-existent problems.
Ideas evolve out of stream of consciousness pencil sketching. A fascination with the magical neatness of the golden proportion often informs the overall structure of the work, its internal shapes, and the relationships between the two.
The choice of colours is of huge importance, and much effort is dedicated to finding the perfect partnership for each work. Colour combinations are deliberately curious.
His work has no meaning whatsoever, and is intentionally non-representational. To quote Frank Stella, ‘What you see is what you see.’
His art is borne out of a love of the ideas found in the 1960s-70s Hard Edge & Geometric Abstraction scenes. The art of Albers, Bayer, Claisse, Benjamin, Bill, and Noland are particularly influential.
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mixed media

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