Caba Company

Barkskin™ by Caba Company


Barkskin™ is a natural, handmade wood material that is acid free and created with an environmentally sustainable process. The resulting Barkskin™ is a masterpiece of beautiful tones and textures, in several natural, hybrid and designer colors, bringing a sense of stone, parchment or leather to a variety of applications.

Barkskin™ sheet sizes are 16”x 24”, 24”x 32”, and 48”x 96”.
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blues, browns/naturals, greens, greys/blacks, oranges/reds, pinks/purples, whites/beiges, yellows
natural living
abstract, custom
• natural
• handmade
• wood
• sustainable
Barkskin™ is an organic, hand-pounded bark material which comes in several natural colors. The primary and most popular application continues to be as wall covering, it can be fire-proofed for commercial installations, and used for other inventive projects needing a special touch. it can be applied to walls and furniture to give a surface the natural look of parchment, marble or stone. Used as a wall covering, handmade Barkskin™ can add a highly textured effect to the walls of an entire room.

Easy to apply, can be fire-proofed, laminated in architectural glass and resin, and finished in a variety of ways.

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