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infinity styles


7 New Styles

Infinity Series


Check out our new series - Infinity - with 8 different styles.

Metallic Rust Tiles

Royce Wood Studio

New from Royce Wood Studio. Metallic Rust handmade tiles. Inspiring glazes from Royce Wood. Glazes created and applied by the studio in lustrous metallic and rust shades.

Royce Wood Impression Art Glaze

Royce Wood Studio

Impression art tiles. All recipes created and applied by Royce Wood. The Studio specialises in developing exciting variegated art glazes in lustrous colours.

enameled lava stone pyrolave

Jean Pauwels LLC/ Pyrolave USA

Pyrolave is the world's largest manufacturer of enameled lava stone. headquartered in France, Pyrolave has studios across the world and has been importing its product line to the United States through Jean Pauwels LLC since 1993. Pyrolave pulls its Volvic lava stone by hand from an open air quarry in the heart of Auvergne's volcanoes.Using self-taught techniques, skilled craftsmen and engineers shape, color and glaze the stone into a finished product line renowned for its beauty and durability. Pyrolave stone has graced exceptional projects around the world and can be found in the finest hotels, and remarkable homes.

Crema Eda® Rosa Marble

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Rosa Polished Marble Tiles

Bronze Glass Mosaic

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Bronze Glass Mosaic

Red Rose Rendezvous Ramble

Bella Vista Tile

Ramble Art Tile Mosaic, 18 x 48 One of a kind mosaic Ramble in Mocha Java & Chai. Handmade high-fired bas-relief porcelain tile. Site specific design by Lisa TeviaClark at Bella Vista Tile and fabricated on mesh for ease of installation.


Natalie Blake Studios

Hand sculpted, custom, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tile in sizes from 4" - 24". Because of the modular format of tiles, the murals and groupings are highly adaptable to different spaces, both interior and exterior. The resulting tiles flow like waves or dunes that catch and play with light. The undulating tiles have a bold sculptural presence without physically intruding into the space. They are like wall tapestries that add warmth and softness to the clean lines of an architectural space.

Crema Eda® Marble Polished Roman Pattern Mosaic

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® Marble Polished Roman Pattern Mosaic - Bathroom Floor Installation

Afyon White Classic & Orcca Marble Star Medallion Mosaic

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Afyon White Classic & Orcca Marble Star Medallion Mosaic in Tumbled Finish

Blue Glass Mix

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Blue Glass Pool Accent - 1"x3"

Crema Eda® & Afyon Cloud® Bubble Mosaic

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Crema Eda® & Afyon Cloud® Mix Multi Size Bubble Mosaic

Afyon Sugar Classic Marble & Honey Onyx Mosaics

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Afyon Sugar Classic Marble Brushed Tiles & Honey Onyx Mosaics

Grano Travertine

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Grano Travertine Antiqued Pavers & Straight Edge Pool Coping

Deep Blue® Marble Fireplace

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Deep Blue® Marble Fireplace

Afyon White Classic Marble

Marmiro Stones, Inc.

Afyon White Classic Marble Tile

Slate-ish Para


These Parallelogram tiles can be installed in a number of patterns - chevron being our favorite! Tiles measure 5" x 3-5/16"

Slate-ish Hex


These Hexagon shaped tiles look great on any surface. 2" x 2-5/16". Thickness varies from 1/16" to 1/4" average.

Slate-ish Strips


Strips come 1" tall, and in random lengths from 2" - 18". Thickness is 1/16" - 1/4" Average.

Glass bridge with color bubbles


Fascinating glass bridge or glass walkway with blue colored bubbles trapped in the glass. This durable and innovative glass bridge is a unique creation. Using the natural luminescence of the glass and the beauty of the texture, the bridge stand out in this SPA.

Custom Floor Icon

Laura K Aiken Studio

Beautiful Church Mosaic $100 sq. ft. - to $300 sq. ft. Hand-created by the artist.

Hand Carved Collection

Artistic Tile

Cool white accented by veins of grey, hand-carved in an abstract floral pattern.

Hand Carved Collection

Artistic Tile

hand-carved in a lush, organic botanical pattern. Invite nature into your space.

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