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Theory by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

An ode to mid-century Italian design, Theory exudes prominence and stature through its layered, multidimensional shape. A series of horizontal spokes supports alternating clear glass and hand-finished gold leaf iron rods, creating a stunningly dynamic pattern with unique depth of field.
Virtuoso  by Corbett Lighting


Corbett Lighting

Virtuoso attracts with an appearance of refined fluidity. A curled, gold leaf finished arrangement of handcrafted iron draws the eyeline vertically in soft, loose coils. At the top of the curved display is a hardback linen shade accented by polished stainless steel and enclosing a single light source.
Insight by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Insight is a contemporary design in mixed metals and finishes illuminated by a solite LED lens, creating a warm, inviting ambience. Insight features a cylindrical, perforated metal shade in metallic silver leaf framed by a tapered and layered flat iron ring with a hand gold leaf interior and modern bronze textured exterior.
Library by Troy Lighting


Troy Lighting

Evoking a cozy vintage environment, Library features a rich opalescent finish, elegant shape and gloss opal globe light source. The dome shade is made of hand-worked iron finished with a copper patina exterior and a silver leaf interior, making each one individually unique. Library is offered in two pendant sizes.
Shaw by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Shaw’s fine textural details make it an impressive sconce. A long, fluted glass diffuser fits into a wide candlecup of knurled brass. A tubular LED bulb spreads a warm glow through this tactile piece’s shade.
Park Slope by Hudson Valley Lighting

Park Slope

Hudson Valley Lighting

Park Slope looms up and out with classic Art Deco verve. Cast, hammered brass at the top and bottom of this LED-driven family creates a textural, distinctive look.
Bourne by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Bourne’s visual heft was designed to make a statement. A very thick pane of glass, etched with a concave divot on its back and clear with a convex mound on its front, is mounted to a floating canopy / backplate, creating for a mood-enhancing light diffusion.
Elmore by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Elmore’s light blushes out from a soft square through an ancient pattern, pleasing in its symmetry. The cage holding the light source is stepped off the canopy, providing light ventilation, as well as dimension and depth.
Clarke by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A fine linen box shade wraps around the light source in this minimalist and masculine sconce. Square tube arms branch out from a solid circle backplate in a seamless piece of cast metal.
Sagamore by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Natural processes of erosion and layering over the eons have resulted in beautiful formations throughout Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley. Sagamore’s densely textural diffuser recalls these testaments to geological time.
Grant  by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Double-stacked rods of glass stretch through three metal plates, all of which stabilize them firmly in place. Metal rods with emphasized finial-like fittings punctuate the piece at even intervals. Grant’s LED light source mellows in its diffusive path through the glass rods.
Davis by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A cut on the bias is one that goes against the grain, at a 45° angle. In fashion, it’s provocative; in cuisine, it’s elegant. Here, we cut a handblown vessel of glass on the bias. Set within this outer glass is a white glass diffuser, beaming with LED-powered illuminance.
Breton by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

The glassmaker’s craft of using an “optic mold” to create desired interior textures and designs was invented by Roman glassworkers and flourished in Venice in the Middle Ages. Using this ancient “optic” technique, Hudson Valley Lighting’s designers house a glass bulb in a hand-blown oval diffuser.
Harrison by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Rows of opulent crystal beads hang in poised even sheets, beautifully diffusing the light from its concealed candelabra. Forming an unexpected contrast to the crystal beads is a band of metal mesh, which rounds along the top in the ceiling.
Gatsby by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Three discs of Spanish alabaster with smoothly rounded edges, each incrementally wider than the one proceeding it, make Gatsby a glamorous stand-out. Taking a tip from the Danish mid-century design playbook, Hudson Valley Lighting’s designers stacked each alabaster disc at an equal distance from each other along three metal rods.
Desmond by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Desmond’s angle-cut arms and knurled bulb base, act as an homage to the iconic American motorcycle.
Mini-Hinsdale by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting's Mini-Hinsdale pendant dapples hand-blown orbs of light along a square metal beam. Playful and minimal, the pendant makes an artistic statement in any space it adorns.
Whitestone by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting’s Whitestone alternates clear and rock crystal in elegant beaded chains. These opulent gemstones catch and sparkle the light passing through from the candelabra behind them. Finials of rock crystal and clear crystal unify all ceiling-mounted versions of this charming family.
Peoria by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A beveled piece of glass creates the frame for Hudson Valley Lighting’s impressive Peoria family. A wide silk shade takes the foreground, wrapping around the bulb and into the glass. A piece like a drawer pull crosses over and complements the backplate.
Falkner by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Falkner places a fun globe bulb with a three-inch diameter in front of a circular mirror backplate. Bulb base, arm, and mirror’s rim are all cast metal in the same finish. The mirror reflects light, providing additional utilitarian value.
Rockwell by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Sometimes, all it takes is one unique detail to create a stand out. In Hudson Valley Lighting’s Rockwell wall sconce, that one detail is the bobeche—rather than being cast brass along with the rest of the piece, it’s a beautiful square chip of rock crystal.
Islip by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Islip’s a refinement of a traditional candle sconce. While antiquated features such as a bobeche and candle sleeve are present, the whole piece is made of uniformly finished cast metal. Stepped on its backplate and at bottom of its thickly rounded arm, Islip’s machined details make it worthy of lingering consideration.
Blixen by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A beautiful mixture of materials enhances everyday interiors with Hudson Valley Lighting’s Blixen family. An off-white linen shade rests atop a long-tail crystal arm. Die-cast metal with stepped tooling connects the intersecting backplate and arms. A decorative crystal bobeche adds a thoughtful accent.
Larissa by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A long and thick arm of faceted crystal supports the shade-covered bulb in Hudson Valley Lighting’s Larissa family. The faceted crystal rod is fit snugly into metal pieces in the same shape at top and bottom.
Boone by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

A polished marble plinth extends from a circular metal backplate, serving as dias for a sphere of light. A hand-blown glass diffuser is clear on the outside and etched white on the inside, creating depth and polish. Boone is a testament to the elegance and assuredness of minimalism.
Luna by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Luna bears little luxuries to enhance everyday life. Silk shades softly diffuse light. Crystal and metal converge on the arm. Like a scattering of stars near the moon, a pattern of bubbles moves through the crystal spheroid beneath the candlestick.
Volta by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Crystal and metal combine to superb effect. Volta explores this beautiful combination of materials in a traditional form. Alessandro Volta’s discovery of our ability to chemically generate electricity and conduct it through copper is still at work in this electric candle-holder.
Englewood by Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting

Englewood is a manually adjustable wall sconce, with a two-part swing arm. It adds a long tail of clear acrylic for a contemporary, sophisticated look.

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