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Home Flame Collection by Radius

Home Flame Collection

Who does not dream of sitting in front of an open fire on long winter evenings? what in our great-grandmothers time was nothing out of the ordinary and tended to be a poor source of heat is nowadays a luxury. the »home flame collection« offers the romanticism of flames on a bio-ethanol basis for every use and budget. the combustion chamber with its ceramic foam inside guarantees an especially attractive, even set of flames and simple operation down to the last drop. its sophisticated design allows free-standing operation wherever it is desired.

the combustion chamber in overview:
• no chimney necessarily
• emission without sooty particle
• special ceramic combustion chamber
• low fuel consumption (max. 500 ml per hour)
• even flames, even when the fuel is low
• burning up to 4 h
• 1.7 liter capacity
• 3.0 liter capacity
• very low heating of the combustion chamber
• safety double-walled combustion chamber
• infinitely adjustable regulating flaps
• easy to use
• ecological
• made in germany
• 10 years operational guarantee
• patent pending
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• combustible: liquid bio-ethanol 96%, methylated with 1% mek and bitrex. largely burns to steam and carbon dioxide. the combustion chamber by radius design means it is not necessary to use thickening agents as is necessary for gels and pastes. as such it allows clean residue-free burning.
• design: michael rösing
• made in germany
»the best in the new corresponds to an old need.«
paul valéry (1871-1945) french poet, thinker, essayist

at first glance it seems that on the global furniture market there is everything and much more than what we need to live comfortably. on closer inspection, demanding customers quickly notice that there could be much fewer, but better goods. this is the philosophy adopted in the development of the indoor and outdoor products of the radius range. to be more functional, original and attractive than that which is already available, that is the aim of radius design.

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