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marcel knob by goodman charlton by Du Verre Hardware

marcel knob by goodman charlton

Du Verre Hardware

Original cabinet hardware designed by Goodman & Charlton for Du Verre Hardware, this series was originally conceived for the Marcel Hotel in New York. Marcel is a modern and fun collection. The geometric playfulness is a great addition to fine furniture and cabinetry.

Na Pali


Na Pali is a piece that challenges the viewer to discover its sharp cuts and grooves extending continuously around, made by a handcrafted work in cotton velvet which combines the variations of the vast range of Na Pali Coast colors resulting from the change of direction of the rays of the sun, the movement of clouds and ocean color.   The comfort of the armchair Na Pali is deeply connected with the features of striated mountains, sharp ridges, deep valleys and furrows dug by dizzying tropical waterfalls, so that humans may sit like gods on the towering cliffs.



The Osani Circle photograph was taken by Belgian anthropologist Jean-Pierre Hallet in the 1960s (All Rights Reserved: see below); Hallet lived many years with the Efé and loved their community traditions. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize while working to ensure their survival. In 2013, the human circle inspires Joana Santos Barbosa to create a round mirror that represents the spirit of mutual help in this tribe, thought to be one of the oldest on earth.   The ebony veneer captures the effect of the childrens’ outstretched legs around the center, and the aged gold leaf brings to mind the soles of their feet and their sun-bleached heads.   The circle is the perfect form in which no side stands out. Like every child, every part of this mirror becomes essential to its balance where the flow of energy around center is identical and of equal value; without beginning or end.
Rose by Munna



The Rose chair is a low seated arm-less chair that is plush, traditional in style and soft with velvet.
Modify Furniture Small Storage Series by Modify Furniture

Modify Furniture Small Storage Series

Modify Furniture

Bigger may be better, but smaller is betterer. These compact storage pieces are designed to declutter your space. Perfect for neat freaks and those of us who wish we were neat freaks. These multitasking marvels will keep your space looking spiffy. Custom made to order
Modify Furniture Coffee Table with Storage by Modify Furniture

Modify Furniture Coffee Table with Storage

Modify Furniture

In keeping with the polychrome series, the coffee table is designed to be classic, simple and clean or can be dressed up in color to be the centerpiece of the room. However the shell is designed, the polychrome coffee table offers a priceless and rare gift . . . a place to stash your stuff.
The Modify Furniture Polychrome Series by Modify Furniture

The Modify Furniture Polychrome Series

Modify Furniture

A clean, minimalist and versatile line, the polychrome series lets you design, color, and accessorize your furniture. Our storage units are offered in 10 sizes to assure a perfect fit for your space.
Origami by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

STRUCTURE (Material): Steel Plate (Color): Matt Black. SEAT/BACK REST(Material): Leather/fabric L:19.6 x W:22.04 x H:20.4, H.Seat:17.7 (inch)
Origami Garza 350 by Dupuis Design Collective

Origami Garza 350

Dupuis Design Collective

TOP (Material): Solid wood Walnut/Marble Arabescata (Color): Natural/White. STRUCTURE (Material): Steel Plate (Color): Matt Black L:47.2 x W:25.9 x H:13.7 (inch)
Izta by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

STRUCTURE (Material): Solid wood Walnut (Color): Natural. DETAILS (Material): Steel plate + Brass Details (Color): Matt Black/Brass L:86.6 x W:19.6 x H:27.5 (inch)
Modus by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

LEGS (material): Steel plate (Color): Matt Black. SEAT/BACK REST (Material): Fabric L:125.9 x W:35.4 x H:29.5, H.Seat:16.9 (inch)
Matatena by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

TOP (Material): Solid wood Walnut/Mahogany (Color): Natural. STRUCTURE (Material): Steel Plate (Color): Matt Black L:86.6 x W:35.4 x H:29.1 (inch)
Lazaro by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

STRUCTURE (Material): Solid Wood- Walnut/Mahogany (Color):Walnut/Mahogany/Ash. SEAT (Material): Leather/Fabric L:17.7 x W:21.6 x H:31.4, H.Seat: 18.5 (inch)
Merida by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

STRUCTURE (Material): Solid wood Walnut/Mahogany (Color): Walnut/Mahogany/Ash. SEAT/ BACK REST (Material): Leather/Fabric L:23.61 x W:25.5 x H:29.5, H.Seat:15.7 (inch)
Atomo by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

TOP(Material): Solid wood Walnut/Mahogany (Color): Walnut/Mahogany/Ash STRUCTURE (Material): Steel bar (Color): Matt Black H:12.5, Diameter:31.4 (inch)
Cristobal by Dupuis Design Collective


Dupuis Design Collective

Structure (Material): Solid wood Mahogany/Steel plate (Color): Walnut/Mahogany/Ash/Matte Black Seat/Back Rest (Material): Leather/Fabric Dimensions: L:102.3 x W:34.5 x H:29.5 H.Seat: 17.3 (inch)
MILLER SOFA  by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

Evoking Hollywood glamour with its tuxedo style and luminous navy blue velvet upholstery, the sophisticated Miller sofa is richly biscuit tufted on its back and sides. Sitting on espresso-finished legs, this piece will command center stage in a living room or master suite.
JOSEF LACQUER COFFEE TABLE by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

The smooth white lacquer top of the low-slung Joseph coffee table appears to float on metal posts that connect it to a base of grey-washed wood grained legs. Graphic and sleek, the surface of this coffee table is easy to clean and great for entertaining.
KNOX CHEST OF DRAWERS by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

Introduce the elegant texture of stingray into your home with the Knox chest of drawers. Crafted of acacia wood in black lacquer with nature-respecting faux shagreen, this fashion-right piece is accented with legs and hardware in a chic bronze finish.
AIZA DINING TABLE by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

A modern masterpiece, the Aiza dining table was designed after seeing Brancusi’s divine sculptures on view in his native Romania. Crafted with steel with gold finish and a clear glass top, this table is an instant classic to be treasured for generations.
SIDNEY OTTOMAN by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

Enjoy this traditional British-inspired tufted top-grain black leather top of the Sidney Ottoman. It might lead with its stiff upper lip, but its polished stainless steel betrays a penchant for contemporary, cheeky charm. Perfect for the study or as a luxe addition to the boudoir or living room, it offers a dose of wit and wisdom.
CARMINE CHAIR by Safavieh Home Furnishings


Safavieh Home Furnishings

Inspired by retro modern Madison Avenue style, the Carmine swivel chair has a sleek vibe for home or office. Crafted of blue-grey top grain leather with gently rolled back for lumbar support, this chair appears to float on its sturdy metal pedestal.
Rolig Rocker by libby schrum design

Rolig Rocker

libby schrum design

Experience what it feels like when form meets function. Featuring dramatic curves and hand-shaped surfaces and transitions, the retro leaning Rolig Rocker invites calm and tranquility without taking itself too seriously. Shown in black walnut, Rolig is infinitely customizable with a variety of hardwoods and fabrics.
Sving Armchair by libby schrum design

Sving Armchair

libby schrum design

Featuring strong, simple lines and hand-shaped surfaces and transitions, the Sving Chair highlights the stark contrast between the rigidity of wood and the softness of upholstery. Shown in wenge, Sving is entirely customizable and is also available as a loveseat or sofa. Become spellbound as new details are revealed through a sensory experience.
Safari by libby schrum design


libby schrum design

Small modern desk or hall table with integrated drawer. Dimensions and wood selection are customizable
Kvadrat Liquor Cabinet by libby schrum design

Kvadrat Liquor Cabinet

libby schrum design

The Kvadrat Liquor Cabinet is a rectilinear liquor cabinet featuring sliding doors and a hand-cut dovetail drawer, all with integrated pulls. Shown in white oak with contrasting wenge details and stand. Kvadrat can also be wall-mounted. Customizable dimensions and wood selections make this a great space saving solution for the modish home bar.
Hyde Coffee Table by libby schrum design

Hyde Coffee Table

libby schrum design

Modestly scaled, The Hylde Coffee Table is a rectangular coffee table with subtly curved ends and an integrated shelf. Shown in white oak and available in variety of hardwoods and custom lengths, Hylde offers a place to display and store books and magazines in a way that underscores the clean aesthetic and functionality of the design.
Lapiaz Side Table by Boca do Lobo

Lapiaz Side Table

Boca do Lobo

The Lapiaz side table is a true luxury furniture piece, that boasts elegance and discerning taste. Inspired by the karst formations and cracks found on the surface of limestone and dolomite rocks.

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